My facination with watches grew from my early student days when I used to spend lots of time exploring the antique shops in and around London's portobello Road. It was there I first found and fell in love with a 1930's Rolls self wind.
    Perhaps it's just coincidence that the irresistible mix of traditional craftsmanship, and technical innovations harmonise so well with the Mulberry life - but anyway I have been an avid collector for years.

An introduction to
The Mulberry
Watch Collection

    The challenge of designing this collection was an opportunity I could not resist and one I have enjoyed enormously. As with everything Mulberry influences were drawn from many sources and I particularly looked to the days of advancement in automotive engineering which propelled sportsmen, drivers and test pilots alike, towards remarkable speeds on land, air and sea. It was this era that lead to the design of the Mulberry Chronographs - having a great passion myself for historic cars it seems fitting that the jewel of the Mulberry Watch Collection should be a high performance steel chronograph which captures the spirit of this era.